Friday, March 15, 2013

Kings and Queens

Heard a song last week on the radio that I had not heard before.  I'm sure that it has been out there for a while, but I just started hearing it on the radio.  This could be in part that I rarely get to listen to the radio in my car because of my children fighting with each other, or all singing at the top of their lungs (and 4 different songs too sometimes), or, which is usually the case, they want to watch a movie.  I did finally figure out how to move the sound away from the front and only to the back...this is after of year of me hearing movies blaring from the front of the van so that they could hear it clear in the back.  Can't tell you how many movies I've heard, but never seen!  Oh, well!

I love this song called "Kings and Queens" by Audio Adrenaline.  Maybe it is resonating so much with my heart for adoption right now since I have friends in China this week picking up 2 special needs children they are adding to their family!  If you've never heard it before, give it a listen!

Little hands, shoeless feet, lonely eyes looking back at me
Will we leave behind the innocent to brief
On their own, on the run when their lives have only begun
These could be our daughters and our sons
And just like a drum I can hear their hearts beating
I know my God won't let them be defeated
Every child has a dream to belong and be loved

Boys become kings, girls will be queens
Wrapped in Your majesty
When we love, when we love the least of these
Then they will be brave and free
Shout Your name in victory
When we love, when we love the least of these
When we love the least of these

Break our hearts once again
Help us to remember when
We were only children hoping for a friend
Won't you look around
These are the lives that the world has forgotten
Waiting for doors of our hearts and our homes to open

If not us, who will be like Jesus
To the least of these
If not us, tell me who will be like Jesus
Like Jesus to the least of these


Julie & Patrick said...

Great song!


Peter and Nancy said...

I love this song, too. You should look up the video -- the children aren't Indian, but they're splashing each other with the colored powder used during Holi. :o)