Monday, August 23, 2010

Little Man

My little man is growing up so quickly. He is only 2, but seems so grown up sometimes. Maybe having 3 older siblings plays a small part in that, but I am constantly amazed by Micah. He is talking sentences and constantly has us in stitches at his antics, facial expressions and conversations.

Last night he was carrying around my husband's cell phone. When my husband asked for it back, Micah began moving his thumbs all around and said, "No, Dad, I'm texting." When my husband replied, "No, you are not," Micah then said, "I'm checking my e-mail!" Such a little smarty pants! :)

Tomorrow, my other children will all be in school and it will just be Micah and Mommy at home. Already he is missing them. Every morning he begins by asking, "Where's Daddy? School? Class? Singing? Meeting?" Then he proceeds to go down the list..."Where's Hallie? Where's Emma? Where's Nay Nay?" It's going to be a long school year. :)

I must remind myself to make the most of this time with my precious child!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mother Teresa

September marks the 100 year anniversary of the birth of Mother Teresa. Time magazine has put out a special issue dedicated to her life. It is a great read and well worth the money. The fact that she spent her life serving in Calcutta, the city of Micah's birth, makes her all the more fascinating to me.

I read in the first couple of pages that she began her ministry in Calcutta at the age of 38. That is my age! Wow. I had to step back and look at my life. Am I living a life devoted to Christ? What would it look like in my family if I were totally devoted to serving and pleasing God as she was? We are not all called to live the life she lived, but we would all do well to live by a wonderful quote of hers...
"God doesn't ask us to do great things. He asks us to do small things with great love."