Wednesday, April 30, 2008

At His feet!

I was reading a devotional last night about adoption and it used the verse from John 15:5 "...apart from Me you can do nothing." I thought, "That is so true." With adoption, you truly have no control. It is all the Lord's heart for orphans and families, bringing them together in His time and in His way. With the whole financial thing and the paperwork and turning it all over to a foreign goverment, we have truly had to lay it and ourselves at the feet of Jesus and say, "It's Yours and our family is Yours...hold us...bless us...complete us." I really am excited to see what my heavenly Father is going to do!

We already have an emotional attachment to India, this country where we have never been. We are trying to learn about the country in many different ways. We also support a little 6 year old girl from south India through Compassion International. We are learning little tidbits from her as she corresponds with us. We hope to be able to take a few extra days when we go to India to pick up our little boy and maybe we'll be able to meet Ganthimathy and her mother. That would make our adventure all the more amazing.

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Monday, April 28, 2008

In over my head!

Ok! I'm in over my head with this blogging thing, but everyone is doing it! I sound like a teen-ager instead of a mother of three...almost 4. I wanted a place to journal about our journey as our family grows again, this time through adoption in India. All the mom's on the forum seem to have blogs and I love reading them and seeing where they are on their journeys, so here goes. I am ready to try anything. :)

For our first bit of we mailed off our dossier packet to our adoption agency. As soon as they receive it and approve it, we will go on the list to wait for a referral for our little boy. The last average I heard was a 5-6 month wait, but the Lord knows for sure. Maybe we won't have to wait that long.