Saturday, February 20, 2010

First Gotcha Day!

Believe it or not, yesterday was Micah's first "Gotcha Day" or "Forever Family Day!" I cannot believe that one year ago yesterday we were picking him up at the orphanage! Time has passed by so quickly, and yet it also seems like he has been with us forever.

I had a wonderful idea for a party to celebrate the day, but as it turns out, I am very sick from the chemo. I knew there was no way I could plan anything, so I had resigned myself to just remembering the day in my mind. That is where my wonderful mother (Nana) and husband stepped in. I had recently purchased an Indian cookbook called "New Indian Home Cooking" recommended by my friend, Pam. My mom looked through it, found a couple of recipes she thought would work, she made a list, and then off went my husband to the store and, after 3 trips, he found all the ingredients. :) My mom cooked all day and decorated the table with trinkets from our trip to India. My husband got everyone dressed and invited his parents (Grandmother and Grandaddy) over, and...we had a GREAT celebration for Micah! Although I could not eat very much, we had a delicious menu that I would like to try again someday when I feel better.

Tandoori Murgh (Barbecued Chicken)
Phul Gobhi Salad (Stir-Fry)
Meethe Chawal (Sweet Rice)
Curried Potatoes
Lassi (Yogurt Drink)
Chai Tea

Thank you mom and David for making the day special for me and for Micah. It was all that I wanted and more!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Old Friends, New Faces!

Today was so much fun for me! I got to meet Pam, one of the Dillon moms who I feel like I have known forever! We have never met face to face, but we have e-mailed, facebooked, and talked on the phone. Pam was traveling to see some family and was in my area! Yeah for me! Pam was a great help to me while we were in process, and I even called her when we decided to name our son "Micah." She adopted her son "Micah" from the same orphanage 3 years ago! We were so excited to meet each other and especially to meet each other's Micah's! I had so much fun. We ate some lunch together and let the boys play while we chatted away. I thank God so much for her and her friendship. It's funny how much someone you've never met can mean to you. I guess it's all part of the bond that comes from adoption. Besides getting a child, you can potentially develop life-long friendships with people you otherwise would never have met! And, who knows, maybe our two little Micah's will be able to keep in touch as they grow older and become good friends forever!