Friday, June 18, 2010

Gotta Check it Out!

For those of you interested in some great Indian recipes, and some fun reality TV, you need to check out this new web site that I just found. It is! This is the web site for a sweet lady named Aarti. Her mother was Indian and she has started her own little online cooking show with some great Indian recipes. She was also selected for and is currently on the new season of "Next Food Network Star," which shows on Sundays. Her site is very lighthearted and fun with live video, recipe how to's, and links to updates from the show. She also is not afraid to share her faith in God, at least on her site...I have not seen her on the reality show yet. I plan to watch the upcoming third episode this Sunday! I am also going to try out her Dal recipe once I get my taste buds back! :) Enjoy!