Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011!

I am a very proud mommy of 4 children! Nothing for me has ever been more exhausting or more rewarding! :) God has blessed me with 4 amazing little personalities!
  1. Hallie - My tender-hearted middle-schooler who loves school and LOVES to read!
  2. Emma - My emotional fashionista who loves school and LOVES sports!
  3. Nathan - My little man who is growing up too quickly, who LOVES Scooby Doo, spies, and super heros!
  4. Micah - My baby boy who keeps me hopping 24 hours a day and who LOVES chocolate!
This week one of my favorite radio stations was airing programs on adoption, moms, etc. On one of the programs about adoption, the speaker said something that really struck me. We often hear people say, "These are our children..., and this is our adopted son/daughter..." Now, as an adoptive mother, and for those other adoptive moms out there, we know that there is no difference in how we feel about our children, no matter how they got to us. I often forget that Micah was even adopted. He might as well have been born into our family, and in a way, I believe He was. When God created Micah in his mother's womb, He knew that Micah would come to join our family, and I believe he was created for that purpose!

The speaker on this program, did not like the concept of saying, "this is my "adopted" son/daughter," as if that somehow defined who they are. He reminded the audience that "adopted" is a legal event that happened at one point in the past. After that, we are all just children! As believers, we have been adopted by God, at the point of our salvation, but after that, we are considered just "children of God, and joint heirs with Jesus!" Romans 8:15-17 God does not see us any differently than His own son after that! Such an act of undeserved mercy and grace!

So, today I reflect on God's grace and I thank Him for loaning me my children, whether by birth or adoption, to raise for a time, for His glory!