Monday, July 25, 2011

Children's Books

My friend and fellow Dillon adoption mom, Nancy, recently posted about a couple of adoption related children's books that she likes. They were "Bringing Asha Home" and "You're Not My Real Mother!" I am always looking for great children's books on adoption and India, so I am excited to check them out. Her post also gave me the idea to share a couple of the adoption and India related children's books that I have come across this year and added to my kids little library.
  1. "God Found Us You," by Lisa Tawn Bergren - A sweet, sweet book about an adoptive mom's wait for her little one to come home!
  2. "Shaoey and Dot," by Mary Beth Chapman - A cute story about a chinese adoption.
  3. "A Family for Jamie," by Suzanne Bloom - A great story about a couple wanting to start a family and how adoption brings that to pass!
  4. "I is for India," by Prodeepta Das - Not an adoption story, but a great children's book that uses the alphabet to tell about India, it's people, and customs. It has beautiful pictures!
My favorite book of all is the one we made for Micah. It's called "Micah's Story" and we had it printed right after we brought him home. You can make them at Shutterfly or Snapfish very easily and inexpensively. Micah's book starts off with pics of our family before adoption. Then we have pictures of David and me at the airport leaving for India. This is followed by pictures of Micah at different ages in the orphanage taken by other families and then the ones we took once we arrived. Then there are a few pictures of the city, traffic, us out shopping, at the hotel, etc., followed by pictures of us with Micah getting on the plane to come home. Finally we end with a photo of our entire family together at last at our home airport! Micah LOVES his book and wants to read it all the time! I am hoping to be able to make my other children books of their story too someday. I hope that they grow up to feel that each of us has our own unique story and that God has chosen to intertwine our stories into a beautiful book that will bring Him glory!