Friday, October 15, 2010

Peaceful Sleep!?

Look at this precious little boy sleeping so peacefully! DON'T BE FOOLED! The only peaceful moments we have during the day is when he is sleeping! :)

I posted a while back about all the things he has broken and mentioned how much those things are costing us to have fixed. Not that I'm keeping a list, but let me just tell you about just 1 day this week in the life of Micah...

Monday night my husband was up till 2:00 a.m. grading papers since his grades were due Tuesday morning at 8:00 a.m. At 2:00, he was putting everything in a pile to get it ready for school and noticed that his keys were missing. Micah had picked them up earlier in the evening and my husband had told him to put them back down. He did...apparently for the moment. David searched for the keys from 2:00 - 3:00 and then laid down for 1 hr. At 4:00 a.m. he woke me up to help him look. We looked from 4:00 - 7:00 a.m. when David had to call a student of his who lives on our street and ask for a ride to school. The problem? Our Saturn, which we just sold on Sunday, was sitting in the driveway with a dead battery from not having been driven in a while. The Venture was parked in the driveway in front of the garage, leaving me no way to access my Odyssey. Micah had lost our only set of keys to the Venture (David lost his set a year ago and we had never made another copy.) So...

David took a half day off school and had another teacher drive him home. We had the Venture towed to the dealership to be re-keyed. We jumped off the Saturn and took it to have the radio fixed and the battery checked for the new owner. We then headed to the dealership to try to pick up the Venture. We then hurried home to pick up all the other kids from school, only to head back out to pick up the Saturn so that we could bring it home. I will not even say how much $ we spent on Tuesday. :) It's been 3 days and we have still not found the keys.

Needless to say, I am looking forward to a very much needed vacation next week! It will give me some more time to enjoy this precious little bundle of joy named, Micah...with 4 other family members to help me!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Who Would Have Thought...

Two years ago today we accepted a referral for a little boy named, Utsab. Who would have ever thought how much he would change our lives for the better!

This little boy is a great big package of amazing. :)
  • Micah is so strong! He can scale any object he sets his mind to. I find him on the top bunk, the washing machine, the bathroom sink, the living room picture window, etc. Nothing is to hard for him to climb, and if he can't work it with his arm strength and his little toes, he carries the step stool to aid him in his endeavor. At the park, a friend of ours was helping little kids "hang" from the monkey bars. Micah wanted to also, so he lifted him up. Micah immediately did a chin up. He's 2!
  • Micah is so silly! He has just started playing pretend and I love it! He tries to cook me dinner and is always handing me imaginary money. When we go to leave the house, he puts on his "slip slops," picks up his imaginary tar (guitar) and trumpet and says he's ready to go. Of course, at the top of the stairs, he hands me the "tar" and says, "Too heavy, Mommy. You carry it." He has also started dancing around like a ballerina. He was saying, "See, Mommy, I'm a princess!" He is still dancing around, but at least now I have him saying that he's a "prince."
  • Micah is so smart! He remembers everything we read and everybody we meet. He sings songs from our little pre-school program and can already pick out his shapes and some colors. He loves to talk on the phone and steals his dad's all the time. When his dad tries to take it away, Micah says, "I've got to check my e-mail!" We've been half-heartedly working on potty training for a while. Just waiting for a week where we can be consistent. However, this week he went "poo" on the potty!
When we were waiting for a referral, we told the Lord that we could not choose. We prayed that He would let the child that He meant for our family be the first referral we received and we would accept. Micah's referral was miraculous in and of itself (read back posts if you'd like more details), and he is a perfect fit for our family. I am not surprised. I truly believe that as God created Micah in his mother's womb, He knew and created him for our family. have forever changed our lives and we are grateful!