Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not a bed of roses...

Well, everything is not a bed of roses!  This last 2 weeks have been a doozy for me.  I am exhausted to say the least.  Micah has been sick with maybe a viral thing that hibernated for a while and then turned into a sinus and ear infection.  He has been SUPER clingy to me and does not want me to put him down if I am anywhere in his sight line.  Besides that, he is waking up about every hour during the night and crying.  You know that headache that you get when you are trying to take a nap and keep getting woke up right when you fall asleep?  I've had that for about a week now. :)  We finished our antibiotics 2 days ago and I know he is feeling some better.  Maybe this clingy thing will taper off and he'll start sleeping through the night again.  Here's hoping. :) 

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Shaun Groves and Compassion

This weekend we got to hear Shaun Groves in concert!  He did a fantastic job and we loved hearing him talk about the ministry of Compassion which we are passionate about ourselves.  It was neat getting to introduce Micah to him and talk with him in person about his recent trip to Kolkata on a Compassion mission trip (they were just there in May).  It was very surreal since we just got back in February and although we did not get to visit a Compassion project, we were able to visit the main offices there and meet the director and some of the staff!  What a fun and meaningful evening!  The Lord blessed our hearts and we were reminded again how thankful we are to have Micah home!

Monday, June 1, 2009

A little bit of wonder!

Last week 2 of my sisters from out of town came here for a visit.  For almost a week, there were 4 of us sisters here with our 10 children ages 9 and under!  We had so much fun.  My sister, Cathi, had not met Micah yet, so that was exciting for me.  One afternoon we took the kids to play in some fountains downtown.  All the kids had a blast and even Micah got in on a little bit of the action. :)  I love to watch children when they are experiencing something for the very first time.  There is that sparkle in their eyes...that little bit of wonder...that just makes you smile!  I wonder if my Heavenly Father smiles a little like a proud parent when He senses our awe in the beauty of a sunset, or rainbow, or even when we hold our child for the first time! So awesome!