Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Hero

Before I had kids, I liked babies and that was about it.  I even remember wondering what I would do once my own kids got out of the "baby" stage!  I have to look back now and laugh a little at how crazy I was.  The truth is, I have loved EVERY stage as my children have grown!  I love watching them learn new things and grow!  I love watching them venture out into independance and then see them come asking for advice!  Of course my husband would probably say that is mostly because I love to "give" advice whether or not it was asked for. :)

I must say that one of my favorite stage is where Micah is now.  He loves playing superhero, especially the Avengers!  It has been Captain America everything for months, and then the day after Halloween, it has been Thor!  All he wanted for Christmas was a real Thor hammer with lightning!  This is actually the only gift I have ever driven to another city to purchase.  I did not want him to be disappointed since his little heart was so set on it.  We were not disappointed.  He loved it (although a little disappointed that it did not make "real" lightning) and even took it to church the first Sunday!

There are a lot of things I love about Micah's little obsession right now.  I love that he wants to be one of the good guys!  I love that he thinks once he puts on the costume he is invincible and has superpowers.
     M: Mom, can you find some "real" bad guys?
     Me: Why do you want me to find real bad guys?
     M: So I can practice fighting them.
     Me: I don't think so.  Bad guys scare me.
     M: Don't worry mom, I will protect you.  I just need my costume and my shield!

It truely is priceless time, and although I have been exhausted this year, I realize I have been given a special gift in having this year alone with him while the other kids are in school.  He is  my little hero!


Peter and Nancy said...

What a heart for justice and all that is good! What a sweet son you have in Micah. I really enjoyed my boys at this age too -- and I didn't anticipate that either. :o) These pictures have me smiling!

Julie & Patrick said...

I can't get over how grown up he has become...and handsome. I would let Micah fight the bad guys for me anytime!! How sweet that would protect you with his costume and shield. Enjoy the moment!