Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made!

Well, it's happened. I did not expect it really till Kindergarten. All the books said that Kindergarten was about the time when kids would start to ask questions because of a sudden awareness brought on by comments from their school friends. Micah will turn 4 in a couple of weeks, and the questions have been coming this month like a whirlwind.
  • Did you know I am brown?
  • Why am I brown?
  • I want to be white like you!
  • Am I dark or light?
  • Who was in your tummy?
  • Was I in your tummy?
Micah knows his story...the story of how he came to be part of our family. He watches his homecoming video all the time, reads his "Micah's Story," book, etc. We talk all the time about how God designs families and He puts them together in all different kinds of ways. This particular vein of questioning, however, is new.

One thing that has been so helpful, is that we are being intentional about finding friends who look like us! When he starts to question, I first remind Micah that God created him brown for a reason and that I LOVE his brown color. Then, we go over other families we know who are like us! I will say, "Remember Jake (Micah's new best friend) is brown and his mommy is white? And, Eli is brown and his brother is white! And our friend Suhas is brown and his wife, Abby, is white!" "Oh, yeah," he'll say with a grin, and that seems to satisfy him for the moment. Another big help to me has been Psalms 139. I remind him that God says he is "fearfully and wonderfully made," and that when God "formed him in the womb," He made him exactly like He wanted him and for a wonderful purpose! I am so honored that I get to be mommy to this wonderful, inquisitive little boy from India!


Peter and Nancy said...

We must have some of the same things happening in our brains and families. Anya Rashi first started talking about skin color when she was three, and I just posted earlier this week about one recent conversation. It's so interesting to see how they understand everything differently at different ages. I'd love it if you chimed in with some of your wisdom in the comments section -- readers have been kind of quiet about this topic, which reflects how touchy or uncomfortable some parents feel.

Fenwick 5 said...

Me too:) He is such a cutie! Gidget